The importance of regular car servicing

The importance of servicing your car regularly cannot be emphasised enough. Modern vehicles have complex engines and electronics with over fifty parts and systems that need checking and adjusting. A regular car service is important because the average car owner does not have the skills or tools to keep their car in a roadworthy condition.

It would help if you had an expert automotive with suitable equipment and skills to give your vehicle a thorough tune-up. You may find the benefits of regular car servicing far outweigh any costs.

How often do I need my car serviced?

People often ask us how many times a year to bring the car in for a service. Your owner’s manual will recommend when and what you should have your vehicle checked out. In general, though, we advise drivers to have their cars serviced every 10,000 kms or at 6-monthly intervals, whichever comes first.

Specific makes and models have particular needs that may require more frequent servicing. Check with your mechanic for the right advice for your vehicle.

Why should I service my car regularly?

There are several advantages to having regular car maintenance. Getting your vehicle serviced periodically extends its lifespan, reduces expenses and benefits the environment.

Be aware that if you apply for an extended warranty on your new car, you may be required to take your car to a specific mechanic within a specified service schedule.

Extends the lifespan of your car

There are two reasons for keeping a car as long as possible. Many car owners have taken care in choosing their preferred make and model so they don’t want to change vehicles too quickly, and cars are expensive.

With regular servicing and check-ups, your car will last much longer than if you leave it unattended.

Avoids unnecessary expense

You can think you’re saving money by not getting your car, but a problem down the track could be expensive and might even damage your vehicle. Factor in your ruined plans for the day when your car breaks down, the time and expense of towing your vehicle to an emergency mechanic, plus hiring another car while yours is being repaired, and the costs begin to mount up rapidly.

A vehicle service by a certified mechanic will solve possible problems such as those caused by wear and tear issues, imbalance of parts and fluid drainage before they can escalate.

Ensures safety

Keeping yourself, your passengers and others on the road safe is probably the best reason for the importance of servicing your car.

That strange noise when you switch on the engine, the funny smell when you open the bonnet, the flashing lights on the dashboard – each of these signs indicates a potentially life-threatening situation. Low fluid levels, wobbly steering, bald tyres and even windshield wipers that leave streaks may all be responsible for causing accidents.

An automotive technician will be alert for minor signs that could possibly lead to major problems if not regularly checked.

Gets you a better sale price

Some drivers and businesses like to upgrade their car models and fleet every few years. Others prefer to enjoy their vehicle for longer. Whichever type of car owner you are, you will still eventually want to sell your car.

The only chance you have in Victoria to sell a car is if it is deemed roadworthy. The best possibility to get the optimal price is if it is in good condition. The evidence for both is the signature documented in your service logbook. Regular servicing and maintaining your car according to the manufacturer’s specifications and done by a certified workshop will keep it roadworthy, give you the most chance to get the best resale price for your car, and make it easier to sell.

Gives you a better ride

Engine oil can build up into sludge; other fluids can run out; spark plugs need replacing; tyres need realigning. There are so many things that need continual adjustment. A mechanic will check all these and more to ensure that your car is running as efficiently and smoothly as it can. Regular vehicle maintenance means you can enjoy driving with complete peace of mind.

Saves on petrol

Want to save money at the petrol bowser? Who doesn’t? One way to do that is by having your vehicle booked in regularly to be serviced by a qualified auto technician. A car that runs efficiently will use less fuel than one with old fluids and parts that don’t work well together.

Reduces pollution

Cars, unfortunately, propel CO and CO2 gases into the atmosphere. Yet, many more poisonous gases are produced by infrequently and poorly maintained vehicles. These gases add to smog, pollution and acid rain, harming the environment.

However, clogged exhaust systems and damaging fumes will be a thing of the past if your car is regularly serviced. You can reduce your carbon footprint, helping to protect our planet.

Summing up

We hope that the information in this article will help you understand the importance of servicing your car. It is essential for your car’s well-being and can save you time and money in the long run. Keep your car maintained to drive in comfort, with no nasty surprises.

A certified mechanic in a reputable automotive workshop does the most reliable car servicing. Are you looking for one of the best car services in Melbourne? Call us today at BCS Prestige on (03) 9501 0010

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