We have an unwavering commitment to provide only the highest quality manufacturer recommended parts and equipment.This means that you’ll receive the same level of service as a dealership, as well as a safeguard to your warranty, all at an affordable price.
Our pricing structure is fair, our quoting process transparent, and we like to keep you informed throughout the whole process.Once an issue has been identified with your vehicle, all services are presented to you on a detailed quote, in plain English, with no technical jargon.


A minor log book service should usually be performed every10,000-15,000kms, and a major service every 10,000-15,000kms, or as per your manufacturers schedule book.
During a log book service, our specialist technicians perform a thorough inspection of the most important parts of your vehicle including filters, brake efficiency, steering and suspension, safety checks and fluid levels including oil, brake fluid, coolant and more.
Your vehicle will also be checked for overall computer performance.Once issues and inefficiencies have been diagnosed, all additional works will be presented to you, before they are skilfully repaired or upgraded.
All minor and major services at BCS Prestige are carried out to exact manufacturer specifications.


It’s our aim to provide the most reliable roadworthy certificates at an affordable price. To achieve this, a licensed vehicle inspector will carry out a series of safety assessments on the vehicle including inspections of all safety features and performance and condition of most components, before issuing a certificate of roadworthiness.
A detailed report is provided which includes all areas that require improvement or repair before the certificate of roadworthiness can be supplied, to ensure the safety of your car and all passengers.


Using only the latest state-of-the-art and manufacturer approved diagnostic equipment, the team at BCS Prestige perform a detailed analysis of your car’s computer performance, with the care and specialist experience that your vehicle needs.
We begin by running a series of diagnostics across the computer system, that not only help diagnose issues but in some instances repair them instantaneously, as well as upgrading the software to the most up-to-date and reliable versions.
A computer diagnostic test is run to diagnose issues, often after a warning or error light appears on your dashboard. Issues identified can range from engine and component damage and faults, through to computer programming solutions.


Make sure every journey is as safe, smooth and conformable as it should be, with regular check to your suspension system.
Tight handling, responsive steering, break efficiency, overall stability and connectedness with road are all dependent on healthy suspension, with faulty, worn or incorrect suspension being a dangerous risk over time.
Signs of suspension damage can range from unusual wear on tyres, dipping whist breaking and poor navigation of corners, however some wear and tear can commonly go unnoticed, presenting a dangerous threat to passengers.
During a suspension check, all aspects of the suspension system are assessed including major components shock absorbers and springs, as well as minor components of the system, which have an equally important job at keeping your vehicle smooth and safe.


Stocking only the best quality tyres from around the globe for prestige vehicles, well ensure that your car is kept firmly on the road.
You can ensure that our prices are competitive, with the “BCS Tyre Price Guarantee”. We guarantee to have the lowest tyre prices on leading brands every day. If you find a lower price on a stocked item, we’ll beat it.
And, every tyre purchase comes with complimentary standard wheel balance, tubeless valve, environmentally-friendly tyre disposal and a lifetime tread guarantee against manufacturing faults.
To keep ensure that you get the best performance out of your new tyres, BCS Prestige recommends a wheel alignment check every 10,000kms, or with every service. Our wheel alignments are conducted with top-of-the range assessment machinery for precision results.
BCS Prestige also has a tyre repair service, for those accidental punctures. The specialists at BCS Prestige will inspect your tyre for its suitability for repair, which is usually on a puncture that occurs under the tread, less than 5mm in diameter.